Born in 2000 the South African born lifestyle brand has reached Amazonian proportions in the concrete jungles of modern day South Africa.

Speaking a language of innovation and trendsetting timelessness Stoned Cherrie, boasts a mantel piece of coveted awards, including a lifetime achievement award in 2005. Over the years we have developed a design signature reminiscent of past eras: the fiery Shebeen queens, the bold intellectuals, the sparkly 50‘s cover girls and the urban energy that continues to sweep over the ghettos of South Africa. In an effort to rewrite our history we raised the humble crochet to the catwalk, emblazoned our heroes on t-shirts with the Biko campaign, and sought to transform the way Africans feel about themselves in 21st century Africa.

As part of our vision to weave a new African identity and aesthetic we have developed a range of locally woven upholstery fabrics.

In keeping with the Stoned Cherrie aesthetic, our new range of bespoke fabrics are an invitation of the Afro-urban lifestyle into our physical spaces and homes. True style leaps beyond convention: It is a trademark, a statement of individuality. We are thrilled to be translating this belief into original spaces that are an expression of afro-urban culture.

Stoned Cherrie: Key Milestones

2000 - Stoned Cherrie launches

2001 - Strategic alliance with Bailey’s historical archives

2003 - Tribute Achievers Award

2003 - Young Business Achiever of the year - Young Business Quarterly

2004 - Woolworths diffusion line launches to drive accessibility

2004 - Fair Lady Fashion Awards - Best women's brand

2004 launch of Stoned Cherrie eyewear range now available in over 450 outlets throughout Africa

2005 - Fair Lady Fashion Awards - Lifetime achievement.

2005 - Top Success Story of the Year - Top Women in Business & Government

2005 - Launch of ‘Stars at Play 1’ - fusion of culture, music, fashion and art

2006 - Winner of US based Endeavor Entrepreneur programme

2006 selected as a goodwill ambassador for CATWALK THE WORLD - “Fashion for Food”, the latest move by United Nations World Food Programme (UN WFP) and Health PR to Fight Child Hunger across the world.

Stoned Cherrie recently represented South Africa in Catwalk the World in Ghana

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